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Book - Manuel pratique de moxibustion - soulagez vous-même vos douleurs par simple échauffement des points d'acupuncture

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Reference: MA10096
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Moxibustion, a therapeutic technique as ancient as acupuncture (from which it directly originates), involves applying heat to specific areas of the skin (corresponding to acupuncture points). This heat is generated through the combustion of dried mugwort leaves or other burning substances, such as a small cigar or ideally a specially designed ""moxa."" These moxas are brought close to the skin's surface using various methods described in this book, until the skin takes on a slight reddish hue and before the heat sensation becomes painful. Dr. Jean-Louis Poupy, a practicing acupuncturist who taught acupuncture at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Sud (Kremlin-Bicêtre), has designed this practical guide to enable readers to practice this wonderful method of preventive and curative care on themselves at home. Over 90 common ailments are addressed, each with practical instructions for locating the points to be heated (illustrated with photos and diagrams), the moxibustion method, frequency, duration, self-massage, etc. Without requiring specific knowledge of acupuncture, anyone can effectively treat themselves using simple and age-old traditional methods, accessible to all.

Author : Poupy Jean-Louis

Release date : 05/02/2016

Size : 15cm x 21cm

Publisher : DG Diffusion - Chariot d'Or

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