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Cultivation of terroirs

All our plants are authentic and comply with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. They are grown without pesticides in fields of preferred terroir according to their species. Example : Ginseng must be from Ji lin with a minimum of seven years of cultivation, Gan cao from Inner Mongolia, San qi from Yun nan after ten years of cultivation, Shan yao from Jiang huai, etc. To preserve this authenticity and guarantee a quality selection, our team travels several times a year to the medicinal plant markets in China, accompanied by several professors from Beijing TCM University.

Respect for traditional preparations

Each traditional preparation is developed with the greatest care, respecting the principles of Chinese pharmacopoeia, from its composition to the dosage (paozhi: jiu, zhi, mi, duan, etc.). Desiccation (the process of removing moisture from a body) is done by high-pressure, sulphide-free steam.

GMP compliance

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard is a European certification attesting to compliance with good manufacturing practices. Thus, we require that all our suppliers be certified by the GMP label in order to ensure their compliance with quality, safety and efficiency requirements and our storage is carried out under vacuum and without the use of irradiation.

Phytosanitary controls

The plant health directive establishes protective measures against the introduction of organisms harmful to plants and against their spread within the EU. On import, phytosanitary controls are carried out on our medicinal plants to look for traces of heavy metals and pesticides. Our products are subject to customs inspections and the ingredients are authenticated by their true botanical species.

Non-ionization Pledge

Irradiation presents many health risks and leads to the destruction of some of the nutrients and vitamins contained in food, dried herbs, spices...

Anxious to offer quality and effective products, we are committed to using ingredients not subject to irradiation.

« Made in France »

All our preparations are made in France, with rigorous quality control, from production, storage and distribution. In our Parisian laboratory, our teams develop traditional formulas and preparations in strict compliance with health standards from manufacturing to product packaging.


Protection of endangered species

Since nature is the cornerstone of our project, we are committed to preserving biodiversity. This is why we apply strict compliance with the rules of CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) concerning the marketing of animals and plants threatened with extinction. We support the protection of species of wild fauna and flora and firmly refuse to participate in trade that jeopardizes their survival.

Refusal of animal experimentation

Our policy on animal testing is firm we oppose any collaboration with laboratories or companies that test on animals and do not market any product of animal origin or containing animal derivatives. It is in this same approach that we have chosen to package our plants in pullulan capsules in order to offer vegetarian products and exclusively of plant origin.


Fight against child labor

Faced with the global scourge of child exploitation, we apply a zero tolerance policy. We are attentive to the working conditions of our producers and we categorically refuse to buy from suppliers who use child labour. We require of all our employees strict compliance with the standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization).

Fair trade

We make the choice on a daily basis to favor small local producers who ensure quality, responsible and sustainable production. These producers, whose work ethic is exemplary, respect good production practices and offer superior quality plants. Thus, in our approach to protect people and nature, we fully support fair trade initiatives.

Our eco-responsibility

Because nature takes care of us, we care about its well-being. Aware of our environmental responsibility, we have chosen to reduce our waste production and to favor reusable and recyclable packaging for all our products.

Attentive to the ecological issues of recycling, Laboratoire Calebasse undertakes to recycle all packaging returned to it. Thus, we strongly invite you to participate in this effort by sending us your empty bottles or by depositing them with your practitioner in order to facilitate their collection.

At Laboratoire Calebasse, we cherish the treasures of the Earth. As a result, we aspire to continuous progress in terms of environmental commitments so that we can give back to nature what it so generously offers us.