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Big cordyceps - Dong chong xia cao - Dong chong xia cao

冬虫夏草 - Cordyceps sinensis

To boost energy.
leafGives tonus to the body
leafStimulates natural defenses
leafStimulates libido
leafActs on erectile dysfunctions
leafImproves athletic performance

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Reference: ECORUM-3
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Almost impossible to find in the wild, Cordyceps, nicknamed "brown gold", is one of the rarest and most powerful mushrooms in the world.

Cordyceps is recommended to strengthen immunity, increase vitality and energy. Precious tonic very appreciated by athletes, it helps to improve sports performance. In China, it is renowned for its aphrodisiac virtues, it is also nicknamed the "viagra of the Himalayas".

Our cordyceps come from Tibet where all the conditions guaranteeing the optimal development of their virtues are gathered. After being carefully harvested by hand and selected, they were dried at low temperature to ensure raw quality.


Dong chong xia cao
Cordyceps sinensis


Herbal tea : add a whole cordyceps in 500 mL of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat. Drink the decoction juice and eat the cordyceps. It is possible to prepare up to three decoctions with the same mushroom.

In porridge : prepare rice, add a whole cordyceps and cook for at least 10 minutes. After getting a kind of porridge, eat the preparation. Repeat when needed.

Precautions for use

Best stored in the refrigerator.

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