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Geomantic compass - Feng shui Luo pan


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The compass embodies the essence of ancient Chinese civilization, blending the concepts of the Five Elements, the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, Yin and Yang, the Bagua, geography, Feng Shui, the calendar, orientations, seasons, and the Yi Jing. As a crucial measuring tool in antiquity, it was widely used to calculate the movements of the sun relative to the Earth (solar calendar), the movements of the moon relative to the Earth (lunar calendar), and climatic variations (the 24 solar terms).

Its fundamental concept lies in the unity between heaven, earth, and humanity, aiming to maintain harmony between human beings and nature, Yin and Yang. Its application is closely related to Chinese medicine, Taoist medicine, and the Yi Jing.

This accessory allows you to arrange your interior according to the principles of Feng Shui, representing a traditional and ancestral object of Chinese culture. The copper compass, specially designed by an ancient brand, consists of the celestial basin (the compass), the inner dial (rotating disc), and the outer dial (inner dial tray).

The celestial basin has a stable magnetic force and a sensitive needle. The inner dial, made of pure copper, features laser-engraved inscriptions, clear characters, and resistance to high-temperature wear.

The use of the compass facilitates the understanding of Chinese medicine students of medical knowledge from the ancient text "Huangdi Neijing" (Inner Cannon of the Yellow Emperor).

Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm (diameter of 18 cm)

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